Ancestors of Poplin, Straw, Colby & Others

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This tree includes maternal and paternal ancestors as well as individuals that are not connected to this line but have potential for an association in some way. It also includes my grandfather, Homer W. Burn's line which links me to all but 4 of the First Settlers of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

The easiest way to find a specific individual is to use the search button. The (*) is used to identify the relationship path through generations. Also, I have switched to Gedcom based software which will allow for improved content and more frequent updates from my file. 

My Relation to the First Settlers of Amesbury, Massachusetts
William Barnes - 9th great grandfather
Anthony Colby - 9th great grandfather
John Colby 9th great grandfather
Valentine Rowell - 9th great grandfather
William Sargent - 9th great grandfather
Jarret Haddon - Distant
John Hoyt - Distant
Henry Blaisdell - Distant
John Weed - Distant
Thomas Barnard - Distant
John Bailey - Distant
Phillip Watson Challis - Distant
George Martin- Distant
Orlando Bagley - Distant
Richard Currier - Not Related but Husband of 9th great grandmother
William Huntington - Not Related
Edward Cottle - Not Related - Moved to Nantucket
Thomas Macy- Not Related - Moved to Nantucket

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanette Marsh Shannon)